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Posted September 22, 2009 by ry in blog

Sam Adams Coastal Wheat

Beer Baron here,

Today I was shopping at my local grocery and happen to stumble upon a new Samuel Adams Brewmasters Beer called “Coastal Wheat”. I must say I heard nothing of it coming out so being curiously surprised I bought a 6 pack. Now let me digress for a moment and state that I am not a big fan of wheat beers, as you may have seen in the LOTBTBD videos. This beer however is very smooth with subtle hints of lemon in the finish with just the right amount of hops. No banana taste in this delicious brew, it is wheat beer at it’s finest.

At first sniff of the beer it smells like a cherry wheat by Sam Adams without the cherry and the taste indeed is similar to that of a cherry wheat but with lemon in the cherry’s place. I would give this beer a 3.1 out of 5 for the simple fact that I am not a wheat fan but I’m most enjoying this Coastal wheat.