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Posted November 30, 2009 by keif in applications

Got iPhone/Android? Get BeerCloud!

Thanks to The Beer Wench, I’ve come across this awesome little app powered by

If you’re a discriminating beer drinker, you need to get this app.

If you’re like me, you like hitting up your local watering holes to sate your thirst for some tasty, frosty, good ol’ fashioned beer. But if you have any real desire to drink at every local watering hole (like me!) you no doubt run into the occasion where you either are encountered with a small selection, or the joyous occasion of a wide selection of beer you’ve never heard of. What to do?

Like a great wine, great beer can be paired too.

Enter the App. (On an iPhone? Install it now!)
I suggest you thoroughly read up the review from the Beer Wench and from for the full skivvy, but here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Beer & Brewery descriptions: Never buy a a beer you won’t like.
  • GPS Beer Finder: Find brew closest to you. Quit jumping from store to store in search of it!
  • Beer Sommelier: Ever wonder if you could have a better dining experience? Pair your beers and see if some brews really are better with some food.
  • Beer Styles: Educate yourself. Be a better beer drinker. Impress your friends!
  • Barcode Scanner: When you’ve had a few too many, let your camera do the work for you and pull up whether or not you’ll dig that beer.

Bad-ass, am I right? Download it, send the love to the Wench and the beer geeks at Great Brewers!

Download NOW!

For your Android:
Android BeerCloud App
Or your iPhone:


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