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Posted June 25, 2010 by ry in blog

From NPR: Changing Tastes Drive Shift In Beer Sales

Americans drink a lot of beer during the summer.

But beer drinking habits are changing. People are drinking less and drinking differently. Sales of some of the big-name brands are down, and the major brewers are fighting back with big marketing campaigns.

Less Beer Money

At The Spot Off Main in Bellevue, Wash. — a neighborhood place for billiards and beer — the No. 1 selling U.S. brand, Bud Light, is on tap. But assistant manager John Stevens says his bartenders are pouring less of it than they used to. “Everyone’s budget went down. That includes their entertainment dollars when they go out to drink in bars,” he says.

A lot of young men — some of beer’s biggest fans — have lost their jobs in the down economy. And some are skipping bars altogether in favor of drinking at home. But those sales, at least of the premium and high-profit brands, are also down.

Last year, the Beer Institute reported that overall beer consumption was down by about 2 percent. So far this year, it’s down even more.

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