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Posted January 27, 2011 by ry in blog

Update: Old Bag of Nails Marysville

I only have a little Hopslam left, might make it thru the weekend but don’t count on it! Also I know that I had Great Lakes Blackout Stout on the coming attractions list but guess what….my barrel is not coming. So in place of that I am hopefully receiving Great Lakes Dopplerock, which is their doppel bock seasonal.

Speaking of Great Lakes, as some of you already know, March 18th we will be tapping a keg of Christmas Ale!!!! Yes I have one stashed and to celebrate a great Ohio State run through the NCAA tourney, we will have it on tap for March Madness. Don’t count on it making it all the way till the end of the tourney though. The newest beer on tap is Brooklyn Brown Ale, great stuff and easy to drink. Come on in and try a pint. And lastly, starting in February we will be running daily specials. These can be seen on the red calendars on the tables or by the front door. Feel free to take these home with you. But one of the things that we will be doing each month is extreme beer week, where I get a high powered, high flavor, brew for all to drink. The first one up will be Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron! If you have had this beer you know what it is like, those that haven’t, look out!