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Posted July 21, 2011 by ry in blog

Getting sucked into one style

I’ve found over the last few years trying the vast amounts of Macro and Micro brews that you can easily get stuck on one style making all others pale in comparison. More recently I went on an IPA quest trying to find the best of the best. In my search I found myself getting an IPA every time I went out or stopped at my local reseller. Soon this became a problem as I was looking for higher ABV and IBUs with each new IPA. Although a fun ride indeed it killed my taste buds and other styles just seemed blah.
After discussing this with a few friends who had gone though the same phase I took a step back off the IPA train and started mixing it up again.

The point I believe I’m getting at here is to make sure and mix it up, give everything a chance. Since this I’ve found Belgium’s to be a style I prefer over the best IPA, but then again that can depend on my mood.