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Posted October 17, 2011 by ry in blog

Autumn and Beer

This being my favorite time of the year I feel there are certain things I need around me; my Autumn albums and the my seasonal beers. Since this blog is about beer we’ll focus on that aspect for now.

The first of many beers that remind me of autumn and bring back memories is Sam Adams Boston Lager. I know this is nothing special to many of you but to me it says Fall is here, because it was in the Autumn many years back that I truly fell in love with craft beer and Boston Lager leading the way. The years following as I expanded my repertoire of craft beer I found Sierra Nevada leading the way with their Porter, Torpedo, and most recently the Tumbler (which may I add screams Autumn beer).

Now I could not finish this off without mention the various Harvest and Pumpkin beers as well. New Holland’s Ichabod and Great Lakes Oktoberfest were ones that dominated my list until a few years back, now being lead by Southern Tier Pumking and Dogfish Head Punk. I like to think of these beers as each special in my journey from not knowing the difference from a Pils to Ale to diving into the deepest darkest oak aged bourbon barrel Stouts.

I can only hope that I am not the only one to appreciate and hold such fond memories of their journey into and thru the world of craft beer.