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Posted October 27, 2011 by ry in blog

Guinness, My First Love

I found over the years of discovering the various and wonderful new beers I always come home to Guinness. For me Guinness was the gateway beer I needed to catapult my adventures into the craft beer world.

It started in an Irish Pub located in Adelaide South Australia called P. J. O’Brien’s; a good mate of mine Tim bought me my first pint. It was love at first drink with the smooth creamy texture balanced with the roasted caramel hints; this was the perfect balance to hook me. From there I continued to go out and buy Guinness at every chance which then led to trying local brews. Coopers a S.A. native brew was the second beer I fell in love with, most notably their ESB; which I may add I enjoy to this day.

Sadly upon my return to the States I had to wait a few years before I could just go out and buy a pint. When that day came you better believe the first beer I bought was a tall pint of delicious Guinness. To this day it is my anytime anywhere beer that I can drink a single pint and enjoy or demolish a whole 12 pack in a night.

For me my first “Beer” Love is and always will be Guinness. Cheers Guinness, don’t ever change.