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Posted June 27, 2012 by ry in beer

Ohio Brew Week: Day 4

Day 4 was a huge success to say the least! We spent the day at Jackie O’s Brew Pub trying their roughly 20 brews on tap with a few changing up mid-day. Later in the night we headed to BW3… which you’d’ not think would carry the craft beers for the week. Upon arriving we met one of the brewers from Elevator Brewing Company who explained the process of how they brewed their Ghost Scorpion lager; One of the best conversations I’ve had about brewing in years!

We were able to knock out another set of breweries today including Jackie O’s Brew Pub, Elevator Brewing, and Marietta. There were a few others breweries in there but ones from earlier in the week that I was finishing off. Some of the beer highlights of the day were Jackie O’s Sparbock which is made once a year for Brew Week and Elevator Ghost Scorpion. It is beers like these that make Ohio Brew Week all that much better and bring out the best in the breweries. Day 5 is here and I am preparing for my last full day in town, hitting up all the places I can to finish off the week proper.