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Posted June 28, 2012 by ry in beer

Ohio Brew Week: Day 5

Day five was what we refer to as a Shit Show of a good time. We pretty much hit up every bar we had not visited plus a few we’d already been to. There are a few brews left we wanna try but the total count thus far is 84 with most of the ones left being beers we’ve already have many times.

The highlight of the day was the Brew Master forum at Casa where brew masters from Brew Kettle, Jackie O’s, Mt Carmel, Weasel Boy, Elevator, Great Lakes, Rivertown, and Thirsty Dog gathered to discuss/share there knowledge and love of the craft. They did a live taste testing with us talking about each of the beers and some backstory behind them. It was mentioned during the event that Ohio Brew Week is the largest and longest that just focuses on one states beers.

After a eventful day of taste testing we finished off the night doing some bar hoping and just enjoying the over all spirit of Brew week! Today is a wind down day.. I am bit beer-ed out at the moment so I may just have a few with dinner before heading back home. (being responsible and waiting before driving of course) Check out the pictures on the Instagram feed for some of the highlights!