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Posted July 9, 2012 by ry in blog

With the Power Out

There has been a bit of delay on the round up for Ohio Brew Week as you may have noticed. The day arriving back from brew week Ohio had a massive storm that knocked out power all over the state. I have had it back for a few days now but Luke just got his back, so we have not had a chance to chat and finish the final thoughts of “best and worst” beers of the week. No worries however, I shall have the “round up” post here in the next few days.

On that note I wanted to talk a little bit about the week I had with no power. First off it was HOT, probably the worst week for this to happen with temps at 100+ for almost the whole week. It was not all bad though, rather quiet some days which allowed me to catch up on some reading. Sadly most of my book collection is still mostly in storage; I did however happen to purchase a new brewing book that I spent some time thumbing through for new ideas. To commemorate this event (the Ohio Blackout) I’m going to be brewing a beer this weekend.. either a Black IPA or Stout. Check back this weekend for updates on Brew Week and to check for posts about the new Home Brew.