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Posted July 14, 2012 by ry in blog

Running and Beer and P90X, OH MY!

For the last year I’ve mainly been running to get back in shape but recently I’ve branched out.

First P90X: I cannot say enough positive things about this program, Tony Horton has a beer on me coming his way if I ever meet him! I had been going to the gym prior as well as running but I felt that I was not getting a real workout from the gym. Sure I was sore off and on and mixed it up as much as I could but there was this lingering feeling that I was not leaning out like I had hoped I would. My brother always being the fitness freak had tried to get me started on P90x earlier however, I was very intimidated by it then. Finally though I broke down and bought it thinking it was time and BABY have I not been disappointed! This workout has done everything I had hoped it would and more. (Side note: I’m in phase 1 for 6 weeks, next week I start phase 2)

Second Running: This has always been a staple in my life (minus the few years I didn’t and we know what happened to my fitness level). I have not been running as much since P90X honestly…but…it’s not a bad thing. I’ve had time to build my endurance and core back helping with stamina. I’ve decided after the days get a little cooler here in Ohio I’m gonna start running in conjunction with my other workout. I cannot wait honestly, Maybe I can finally do this half marathon i’ve been wanting to do for the last year.

Third Beer: Ah…. Beer….Sweet Sweet Nectar of the Gods and the reason I do all this fitness activity (well one of the reasons anyway). As the Craft Beer moment continues to grow around the world more and more new brews are popping up to try. With this continues line of beers waiting for me to try I have to do something to help keep off some of the side effects that come with it. It really has started to become a perfect harmony with beer and exercise (now if only I could be paid to do it for a living I would be set).

If there are anythings you craft beer drinkers out there do to maintain I would like to hear. I know some of you probably don’t do or need to do a damn thing.

Have a wicked weekend all,


P.S. Tomorrow I’m doing the final write up for Ohio Brew Week… Yes I Know it’s a few weeks since but better late then never right?