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Posted July 23, 2012 by ry in blog

Beer Bacon – Back in Black

You hear (Well I do) about many breweries that have tried to perfect the Bacon Beer. I will say I’ve had 4 now and none seem to capture that taste and end up more of a smokey stout or porter. I’m not hear to talk about those right now however, but to talk about Beer Bacon!

This past weekend I had the idea to take a slab of bacon and soak it in a Black IPA called “Back in Black” from 21st Amendment Brewery. Yes you heard me correctly bacon soaked in beer (this is also known as BLISS). I let the bacon sit over night for the morning next, so roughly 15 hours total from my recollection. The results from this Mad Science experiment was fruitful to say the least! Fats from the bacon soaked up the hoppy maltiness of the beer giving it a flavour that I’ve yet to experience in the bacon world. I even thought “what if I had left this soak for 24 hours, what then?”. My plan is to go ahead with this plan this coming weekend to see how the flavour differs.

My goal for you is to go out and buy some bacon and soaked it in your favourite beer to see what kind of results you acquire. I will be hosting a bacon roast in 2 weeks with bacon soaked in various beer. I plan on doing a write up of the event and the opinions of my guest at said party.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!