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Posted July 30, 2013 by ry in blog

A Quick Rant about Seasonal Beer

IMG_3887 Ah… it is that time of year again everyone. Autumn is around the corner and with that comes some of my favourite brews of the year. Hrmmm but wait! What is this? Octoberfest in July?! Yes I am not making this up, Samuel Adams (all I have seen thus far) has released their Octoberfest in late July! Why am I so disturbed by this you may ask? I am concerned because I think “Octoberfest” or “Harvest” beers and I think the crisp refreshing air of Autumn with the leaves turning, bonfires in backyards, sweaters, and of course college football season (Is there any other that matters?). I know what will happen as may a lot of you, come actual Autumn time these beers will be scarce to find it not nil. I want my seasonal beers during the season they were intended for, not 2 months prior or post the season damnit.

I digress though… I am truly excited for these beers when they do come around since they come around once a year for a limited time. I believe though this earlier and earlier release is a bit much. It reminds me of Christmas (Yes I said christmas not HOLIDAYS… I am not PC nor will I ever be) season comes the day after Halloween if not weeks before. I want to cherish a season/seasonal beer for the time of year intended. I do not wish to be burnt out on said seasonal beer by the time the actual season comes round.

I have said my peace on the matter and shall retreat until I see Christmas Ales out in October.