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Posted August 5, 2013 by keif in beer

#ipaday: a recap

Yes, yes, I know. IPA Day was on August 1st, and it is now August 5th. It’s called “BEING BUSY LIVING” and also “TRYING TO ENJOY MY BEER, SHUT UP.”

Ryan and myself partook in this year’s IPA Day, mainly because Ryan ran down the street and nabbed several craft brews, and, in his opinion, needed to be served room temperature. Also, you may notice the multiple check-ins, sporadic photos, and repeat reviews. Untappd, once again, prepared as well as some e-commerce sites do on Black Friday. Not well enough.

This is Ohio. It wasn’t exactly a “brisk” day, where room temp beer excited me, and if you followed me on Untappd, you’d see my feelings about the situation.

The #IPADay Line Up

First Up: Jockamo IPA by Abita Brewing Company

I was not impressed. Way too malty for my taste. May be a better frosty brew, but as Ry served them all room temp (“the” way, in his words), I’m stuck with this impression. We left half of it in the bottle, and tried to finish it at the end, thinking “hey, by the end, maybe it will taste better!”

 Ry: I will start off saying that, Yes I did have all of the beers at room temp. This was more out of forgetfulness for most of them since I did mean to leave a few out I felt better at warmer temps. This did throw off the Jockamo I believe since last time I rated it much higher. I believe though last time I had imbibed this beer it may have been after several others, changing my opinion of it greatly. 

We were wrong.

Second Brew: Hopulent IPA by Epic Brewing Co. (Utah)

I liked it. Still too warm. God damn it, Ryan.

Ry: I very much enjoyed this one. I never seem to be let down by Epic. Also, Keith stop your whining ;)

Third Beverage: Coulter IPA by Cismontane Brewing Co.

This was a brew that initially, we both liked. But the more we drank, the less we enjoyed it.

Ry: Agreed, It came across nicely at first but the finish started to wear on me. This was also a very random purchase, I had not heard of this brewery until this day. 

Fourth Bottle: Beer Camp #93 IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

This was the floral notes I like in my IPAs. Sierra Nevada. Nom nom nom.

Ry: Floral start and smooth finish, what I come to expect from Sierra Nevada IPAs. This is one company that knows not to try and balance the bitters of the hops but adding more malts to the equation. 

Fifth Beer: Mean Manalishi Double IPA by Hoppin’ Frog Brewery

At first, I was all about this brew. But the more we drank, the more malt flavor I got, which lead us in to discussion about how some breweries add malts to counteract the hops, and just end up with a hodgepodge of flavors.

Ry: Keith pretty much sums it up, little bit of a let down from a brewery I have great respect for. The malts were there to tame the bitters of the hops…rework the recipe fellas. 

Lessons Learned:

Ry is a dick. Listen, I’m all for beers being at room temp (or cellar temp, like my Guinness), but I really prefer my brews to be chilled. I feel this altered the flavor of some of these beers negatively. As well, these were all bottles–a couple of these beers we have had on tap at other places, and felt the bottles didn’t capture the flavor properly. This also lead to more name-calling, and how we need to discuss the proper way to serve beers. For the future!

Ry:  Yes, it is true I was not thinking ahead when I forgot to chill the beer. I get sidetracked easily and beer gets left out. I also tend to drink my home brew at room temp as well…guess I am kinda used to it at this point. We shall, as Keith said, go over the proper way to serve varied styles of beers at some point. 

Other Beers Sampled:

Due to… other events in the week, we decided we needed to expand the flavors for the evening, and found a few more beers to try:
Big Star White IPA by Four String Brewing Co. at Woodlands Tavern–one of my favorites of the Columbus Breweries. SO looking forward to their taproom opening up.

Ry: Not only one of my favorite Columbus beers but my favorite White IPA hands down to date. 

Raspberry Wheat by Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery at Woodlands Tavern–You might be saying to yourself, “Keif, what the hell, man, that’s not an IPA!” and you’d be thinking exactly what I was thinking when I took a sip. Damn it, Ryan. Not a bad beer–I like Jackie O’s–but not what I would follow up an IPA with.

Ry: I cannot resist a Jackie O’s brew,  I just cannot. I saw this on tap and had to get a pint since it had been a while having this specific beer. Nom… NOM.

Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s Brewery, Inc.–man, I love this beer. It’s not IPA Day unless I get one.

Ry: My Go-To IPA always. Seriously one of the finest examples of an IPA done right. This is always the beer I use when trying to start/bring over someone to the IPA-side. 

How was your #IPADay?




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