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Posted August 7, 2013 by ry in blog

When a Pub chain plays the “Local” card well.

There is a chain of pubs in Central Ohio called “Old Bag of Nails”  ( the plays the local card well. They may be native to the area in and around Central Ohio but Old Bag makes you feel like they are the only one and their (insert are/city) Old Bag is there just for you and your community.

I have not been to some of the newer locations but I have visited most over the last 8 years. I tend to stick to 3 locations over all, Marysville, Worthington, and Gahanna. Each of these three I feel always carry an excellent beer selection and service. Old Bag has a little more than your small pub style menu but a nice selection over all without trying to over complicate things.

I digress… My reasoning for this article was to point out these pubs carry a rather nice range of beers and offer flights. Yes it is not a brew pub and you are not getting a flight of that breweries specifics but it is a nice way to cheaply taste a range of the rotating beers on draft. If ever you are curious and do not wish to go the flight route you may always ask for a sample, sometimes they will give you one if you eye a tap handle long enough. Oh..and did I mention they fill growlers too ? Well they do! This is a feel you tend to get at your local bar/pub that serves quality beer and even though Old Bag may be a chain they hit the nail on the head.

Just wanted to share this if you live in and around Central Ohio and have not been. It is a place worth checking out and if you visit the Gahanna location ask for Brookey, tell him I sent you.