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Posted August 12, 2013 by ry in beer

The Growler Craze


You know what really GRINDS MY GEARS?! Well many things to be honest.. but growlers are NOT one of them. I don’t know how many of you have noticed but there is a huge surge of growler locations popping up all over and here in Columbus Ohio we are not immune. This is just a short list of places I enjoy or that specialize in growlers that I think you should visit. I am going to omit the Micro Breweries in town that offer growlers as well as pubs/bars/restaurants since they or not specific to growlers but have them as an added bonus.

1. Savor Growl: This is the closest location to me situated on Indianola Ave. in my local haunt Clintonville. They have what I would deem a very well balanced selection of craft beers to satisfy everyone. I have only been once shortly after it opened but I was impressed with their knowledge and friendly demeanor. You can go in and have beer, grab a 6 pack, and of course take home a growler. ( Side note. Saver Growl has a second location called Savor Market located further north on Indianola Ave.

2. The Daily Growler: Located in Upper Arlington Ohio this growler location has been the one I tend to hear the most about from friends. I have personally not been yet (Yeah, Yeah.. I’ll get around to it) but word on the street is the owner is friendly fella and their selection is excellent with 60 taps to choose from. The only thing that has turned me away so far is you must purchase their growler to fill or exchange the one you brought for one of theirs. I find this odd compared to how most growler filling stations work but I suppose they have a business to run and it gets the name out. (

3. The Ohio Taproom: This one I found rather exciting because they only carry local Ohio brewed beers on their 20 taps. What more could you ask for from a One-Stop Ohio growler filling shop? Head to Grandview Heights when you get a chance and support local.. O-H ( *They have Jackie O’s currently BONUS!

4. The Barrel & Bottle: This place did not start off offering growlers till a few years back but I felt it worth noting since they were one of the first places that was not a brewery. I don’t go as often since I have several places closer but they always have a choice selection and are worth a visit if walking around the North Marker. (

As always all of the local breweries around town do growler fills as well as the two chain breweries (Gordon Biersch and Bj’s Brewhouse). There are also several groceries that do growler fills like Weiland’s, The Andersons and Whole Foods. The list goes on honestly and with Growler Fever hitting the Columbus area there are sure to be more to come soon.