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Posted August 26, 2013 by ry in beer

New Belgium Brewing to hit Ohio by years end

FatTireFor those that have not had the privilege of tasting New Belgium beers then you are in for a treat! Word on the wire is that New Belgium will be distributing their beers in Ohio in only a few short months. Being one of the larger Micro Breweries in the States, Ohio has been one of the few states not privy to their delicious brews. Based in The Fort Collins Colorado, New Belgium offers such memorable beers like “Fat Tire” and “Shift” a pale lager sold in cans.

The three I have had a chance to try over the last few years includes the aforementioned Fat Tire, Shift, and French Aramis IPA. I have felt that for awhile Ohio deserved to include these brews (and the rest offered) from New Belgium to our large craft beer repertoire. As an Ohioan I feel I am lucky that we have so many craft beers to offer our faithful and up-in-coming craft beer lovers. Not too long ago Dogfish Head pulled from several markets do to running their stock thin. Ohio had been spared in this downsizing and I like think it is because we are loyal craft beer patrons to the core.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the joys of the New Belgium brand you are in for a treat. I have already spread word among many of my beer loving friends who have waited for this day… the result is an overwhelming “YES… It is about time!”.

Checking out New Belgium’s website to prepare yourself for the wave of brews to come.