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Posted August 29, 2013 by ry in beer

16-Bit Bar and Arcade… is it everything you hoped for? Answer is YES!

IMG_4023Tonight I was privy to a special bloggers event at 16-Bit a night before it opened to the public. I can say that I have been looking forward to the opening since first mention many months back.. and it was nothing less than I expected! First and foremost 16-Bit is a bar and as bars go they have a selection of tastefully picked craft beers on draft and bottle as well as a few domestics on hand. Their liquor selection is not one that rivals the Gods but the quality does. To add not only to the quality of liquor on hand (including Cbus locals like OYO) are the drinks for which they are used. They have a list of drinks that are inspired buy late 70’s and 80’s film stars such as Burt Reynolds, Don Johnson, Molly Ringwald, and John Cusack.



So now on to the Retro Arcade games, which is what you all came here to read about. Wow…. just… WOW! There are 50+ classic arcade style games to choose from and all are free to play minus a handful. Let me start with Ms. PacMan, TMNT, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Galaga, Street Fighter II/II Turbo, Out Run, Revolution X (I know the Areosmith sell-out game), Asteroids, Mortal Kombat, Final Fight, PacMan Jr, and many more. There were even some games I had never heard of like Slick Stick, a pool game where you use a real pool stick and cue ball! I would say the only game I was hoping to see that was not present was the Simpsons Arcade Game, but with everything else offered it seems like a petty request. There was also a Beer related game with a Budweiser logo called Tapped where you poor draft beers and slide it to customers while trying to collect the empties…odd but fun! Oh and one last thing, do not worry about where to place your drink because the have stands in between most of the games for just that purpose (they thought of everything).

IMG_4025Now on to the weekly events which I am equally excited about. Mortal Monday is a Mortal Kombat tournament that offers $1.00 off Domestic brews from 8pm to close. Tech Tuesday is more casual and offers $6 old school cocktails from 8pm to close. Wayback Wednesday (and probably my favorite day) offers a viewing of retro 80’s flicks as well as an extended happy hour and $2 off craft beers until 8pm. Tiger Beat Thursdays (lasses may recall this magazine more than lads) offers New Wave Cocktails from 8pm to close. Friday & Saturday are featured cocktails all night (this could be interesting). Sunday Funday offers a Reverse Happy Hour where you get $2 off craft beers from 7pm to close.


My overall experience was more than what I had expected, the staff was spot on and the owner Troy Allen was a top notch gent with a wicked vision. He was inspired by similar barcades in Chicago and New York and from personal experience of the one in Chicago he has hit the nail on the head. His vision of bringing life back to the downtown area of Columbus is admirable and I wish them the success they deserve. I know I will be back soon and with a group of equally excited twenty and thirty-somethings ready to drink and spend a night of beating high scores or trying to best that one game we never could when we were younger.

Checked out 16-Bit on their website and on Twitter @16BitBar

I leave you with this, If you could have any Retro Arcade game what would it be? Mine would be Ms PacMan and trust me I have been looking for years for one.