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Posted January 2, 2014 by keif in events

Upcoming Beer and Drink Pairings

If you’re like us, you love when a place that serves great food teams their chefs up with some great breweries. No better way to “support local” (and sometimes, drink local), in my opinion!

101 Beer Kitchen is hosting an upcoming pairing with Deschutes on January 28th. This bad boy sold out quickly, so I suggest signing up for the wait list (and you can always hit up the manager at the bar about the waitlist–it’s how I landed two tickets to their Bell’s pairing in December). 101 Beer Kitchen is a great place with great food and a good tap selection, so I recommend paying attention to their site, or getting on the list, because Chef Mike did a great job last time with the Trappist pairings:

Local Roots, Powell is kicking off a new series of “Tuesday Teachings” to help educate and give people a change to try somethings that maybe they wouldn’t do on their own! Their first event will be an OYO “teaching” event to help educate you on the finer points of their vodka and whiskey on January 21st:

Come and hear about the history, development and new products of Oyo. We will taste their vodka and then will taste and learn about the whiskeys!

They’ll also be hosting a Brother’s Drake teaching on January 28th:

What is Mead? Join us for our Tuesday Teaching and find out why all the hype about Mead.

Local Root’s Tuesday Teachings is a relatively new venture for them – the space is not too large, which keeps it intimate. Sign up for these events early, maybe we will see you there!


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