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Posted February 14, 2014 by keif in beer

Chocolate + Beer

Nine beers for chocolate lovers.
Nine beers for chocolate lovers.

There’s no beating around the bush, that with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, you’ve got your chocolates and possibly flowers lined up.

IF not, I hope you at least picked up something from Victoria’s Secret, otherwise, you may be in trouble!

Our friends at Crafted Drafts put together this infographic, in case you were wondering what beers go well with chocolate:

Nine beers for chocolate lovers.

What beers go with chocolate?

I had to ask – are these good for all chocolates? This is what Mike had to say:

I’d try a white chocolate with the goose island, various dark chocolates and truffles with the rest though I think salted chocolates would go best with the oyster stouts and with the Geuze. Some sort of fruit chocolate with the others.

What is your choice pairing?
Soooo… I’m buying a bunch of chocolate for this weekend, to go with a large beer order. I figure Ashley’s (aka The Beer Wench) collection is a good starting point (but I have yet to determine what I can actually find in central Ohio!) to find some foods to pair with!

So tell us, what is your choice pairing?


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