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Posted April 29, 2014 by keif in blog

Maifest May 10th @ Zauber

EDITED: May 6th–I missed MANBQUE and Smokehouse Brewing‘s inclusion. So Ryan and I took a trip to Zauber Brewing the other week, and came across a flyer for Maifest


Maifest May 10th 3p-8p

A local brewery, celebrating Maifest (a European celebration of Spring, which I only of because of’s blog post)? Naturally, as I’m sure you can tell, we were already sold. The nitty gritty details:­ Zauber Brewing Company will host a Maifest celebration on May 10 from 3­8pm in the Goodwill parking lot next door to their 909 W. Fifth Avenue brewery and taproom. There is no admission fee and the event is family ­friendly.

The beer:

They’ll be featuring their own brews (I don’t know which ones at this time, but Geoff does a great job of doing “not the same damn pale ale/IPA/lager as everyone else”), including neighboring Grandview area breweries Four String Brewing and Sideswipe Brewing. Recently added (or missed?): Smokehouse Brewing will be on site!

The food:

Schmidt’s Sausage HausMatt the Miller’s and Jeni’s Ice Cream will provide food for the event. And recently added: MANBQUE will be slinging their food. Smokehouse Brewing may be, as well. I’m waiting for confirmation on if they’re doing food, brews, or both. So for now, I’m listing them as both. If I’m wrong, (they’re doing beer only!) I AM TERRIBLY SORRY. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

The entertainment:

Live German music (“Cheese with Music“, according to and a may pole will accent the event’s theme.

Presented by:

Maifest is presented by Zauber Brewing and the Grandview Craft Beer Alliance. Facebook Event for Maifest–let your friends know! See you there…   Prost! -Keith


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