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Posted May 8, 2014 by ry in blog

National Burger Month: Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery

IMG_4632 One of my all time favorite breweries is Athens based Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery–and for good reason.

They have what I feel are some of not only the best and unique beers, not just in Ohio, but in the US of A. With the recent expansion of their brewery to a secondary larger facility with canning capabilities, more and more people in Ohio are now becoming exposed. What some of you may not know, is that Jackie O’s is also a pub with a fantastic selection of locally sourced dishes.

Burger + Beer = Ultimate Combo

Now that this has been said I want to focus on my favorite burger from their brewpub paired with one of my favorite beers they make. The burger is called “The Morning Burger” which was formally known as “The Flintstone Burger”.  The concept of this burger may be nothing new but it is the ingredients in which it is made with that makes this burger OH SO good. A burger topped with Laurel Valley cheddar cheese and a fried egg from Brite farms (mine had tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions, bacon, and hot sauce added). It’s former name sake had a piece of ham as well but that sadly is no more. What also makes this burger great is Jackie O’s sources everything they can locally so the beef is raised locally as well as the cheese made and crops grown (you can read about here). I have been in before and ordered a dish that they would inform me would be without certain items until their local supplier shows up with more.

Matriarch Not Pictured

Matriarch Not Pictured

Now the beer….Oh yes the beer. There are many many Jackie O’s beers on draft at any given time to choose from. Some beers you may never see again and others are a staple that they carry year round. To compliment this burger I chose their Matriarch Triple IPA, which at 11.9% abv is not nothing to drink lightly. I have found many triple IPA’s over the years to be so extreme in the bitters you choke on it. This beer is a lovely balance of bitter and floral hop flavors leaving your taste buds slightly in awe and wanting more. I have always felt IPA’s go swimmingly with beef so the two for me were the perfect pair.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Ok, so maybe the Farm to Table revolution is not your thing, no matter. If you love a good craft beer paired with a delicious burger you won’t be disappointed in a trip to Jackie O’s. The atmosphere is almost always spot on minus a few select nights (like my recent OU graduation weekend where you could barely move around), but I digress.

Look for more Burger and Beer pairing posts all month long and let us know what you think. Maybe you’ve been to one of these spots and prefer a different burger or beer? Let us know!