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The beer bottle capper

This is not something everyone has just laying around but If you are a beer drinker I’d recommend it. I’ve had mine from years of home brewing but I find from time to time I’m drinking a beer and cannot or do ...

Homebrew Judges at this Years Ohio Brew Week in Athens.

Yes you read that right, this year Luke and Ryan will be judging the Home Brew contest at Ohio Brew Week with our new friend and fellow home brewer Alex. We have tasted a lot of these the past few years and were approached as p...


Quick Thought: Ambidextrous (Milk Stout)

Last night I had the pleasure of trying Left Hand’s Ambidextrous (oak-aged milk stout) on draft (the only barrel in Ohio). The first thing I noticed about it was the higher ABV and slight hints of oak…that’s w...

Barley and Hops – I now pronounce you Man and WIfe

Call me crazy but I had a thought (could be the fact I’ve been up for almost 24 hours), what if hops and barley were to be married? Who I wonder would be the man and who would be the woman? Here is my theory … barle...

Happy International Stout Day!

Celebrate today with your favorite stout, I know I will! Cheers, Ry


Christmas Ale Is In The Air

I love this time of year probably more so then any other when it comes to craft beer. Late October early November we start to see the various Holiday based/themed beers hit store shelves; my favorite of this being the Christmas...

Guinness, My First Love

I found over the years of discovering the various and wonderful new beers I always come home to Guinness. For me Guinness was the gateway beer I needed to catapult my adventures into the craft beer world. It started in an Irish...


Autumn and Beer

This being my favorite time of the year I feel there are certain things I need around me; my Autumn albums and the my seasonal beers. Since this blog is about beer we’ll focus on that aspect for now. The first of many beers tha...

Yuengling in Ohio

For the first time ever the much sought after Yuengling goes on sale in Ohio. For many this is a whimsical magical day full of wonder and glee. For many others like myself it’s just another day in the world of beer. Do no...

What is a good beer to start with when trying out craft beers? (updated)

“What is a good beer to start with when trying out craft beers?” This is a question that I Have been asked often over the years. The answer however is not that simple; there are varying tastes from person to person. After think...