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Belhaven Scottish Stout

Beer Review: Belhaven Scottish Stout - LOTBTBD from LOTBTBD on Vimeo. Hands down one of the greatest stouts we have ever had. We give this a 5 out of 5 on draft. It's dark roast flavor with caramel hints blended so brilliantly ...

Newcastle Draft Keg review

Newcastles PR was kind enough to send us a draft keg of their lovely brown ale for us to review.(You may have seen that Heineken has one just like it, they own newcastle). A perfect example of a Brown (pub) ale, Newcastle has b...


The Lost Beer Review: Guinness 250th Anniversary

This is a review we lost from summer of 09. This is the famous Guinness 250th Anniversary stout that came out last year in limited quantity. We cannot say enough about this brilliant beer. If you had a chance to try it then you...

Beer Review: Railbender Ale

Railbender Ale from Erie Brewing Co. is one that we had not a lot to say about. It was not horrible in any respect but very cut and dry in flavour. Very malty and sweet was the most we got out of this, with a agreed rating of 2...

Beer Review: Pyramid Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Snow cap winter warmer is a sweet malty seasonal with a low hop bitterness. Comparable to others in its class this one stands out a bit from it's reliance on the sweet malty flavours. we have this about a 3.5 from luke and 3.1 ...


Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

This episode we talk about a premium German beer called Wasteiner. A malty dunkel, this beer is the excellent example of fine German brewing and taste. We rate this beer an average of 4.5.

Beer Review: Chili Beer – LOTBTBD

A different beer to say the least, Chili beer is a light beer with a chili pepper inside. Previously made in Cave Creek, Chili beer is now being made in Mexico. We gave this a 1.7 ouf of 5 because that flavour is decent and des...


Beer Review: Budweiser Golden Wheat – LOTBTBD

It may seem like a joke, but Budweiser made a decent Brew. So we had to review this beer from mere shock. Golden Wheat is still bud-tastic with its low carbonation and little head, however a hints of citrus are there with a lag...

Got iPhone/Android? Get BeerCloud!

Thanks to The Beer Wench, I’ve come across this awesome little app powered by If you’re a discriminating beer drinker, you need to get this app. If you’re like me, you like hitting up your lo...