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#ipaday: a recap

Yes, yes, I know. IPA Day was on August 1st, and it is now August 5th. It’s called “BEING BUSY LIVING” and also “TRYING TO ENJOY MY BEER, SHUT UP.” Ryan and myself partook in this year’s IPA ...

Life and Limb

Last night a fellow LOTBTBD and I enjoyed a bottle of Life and Limb. This beer, a collaboration from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery celebrate that is what craft beer. “Life & Limb is dedicate...


Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen

A lovely Hefeweizen from our friends of Hops at Sierra Nevada. An interesting wheat with hints of lemon, wheaty sweetness and spice. Not something for everyone but enjoy the review and make up your own mind. We gave this an ave...